Crazy for Creches

Where did all those creches come from?

They were gifted to Deacon Naomi from Mrs. Alice Altman, a member of the Episcopal Church of the Good Sheperd, Pitman, NJ. During her internship at the parish, Deacon Naomi shared her fondness of nativity sets with Alice during the church bazaar. Naomi learned that Alice was an avid collector and member of Friends of the Creche, a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting a greater appreciation of the tradition of the nativity scene. 

When Alice was downsizing, much of the collection was given to Naomi with the stipulation that they be given to churches in the area and displayed. That's how the creche sets have come to Holy Family. They are a wonderful representation of how the birth of Jesus is depicted and celebrated areound the world. Please take a moment to explore the rich diversity. 

The creches form the collection as well as some form Deacon Naomi's personal colletion will be displayed in the undercroft beginning Sunday, December 12, 2021 through Epiphany.  There is a "look and discover" questionnaire to guide you in looking at all the creches more closely. The display will also be used as an activity during the Messy Church Happy Birthday Jesus party. Deacon Naomi is thrilled to share this beautiful expressions of faith during this Holy season.